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Next-Gen RF Recorders

These next-gen interface boards offer 2-ch recorders that support RF signals tunable to the P/L/S/C Band with a broad bandwidth of up to 200MHz, allowing for the capture of multiple transmitters.

WSI Advanced Signal Recording Systems Selected by The Navy

After years of research and evaluating numerous TM reorders the NAVY has chosen WSI Wideband DRS8500X Recorders for a major system upgrade, replacing several other previous generation recorders.

DIS Completes Acquisition of WSI

We are very pleased to announce that Delta Information Systems, Inc. has completed the acquisition of Wideband Systems, Inc. (WSI) of Silver Spring, MD.

One Pagers:

Product Overview

View all of the world-class aerospace telemetry recorder offerings for use in satellite ground terminals, telemetry ranges, and testing facilities worldwide. See what sets us apart from our competition, our advanced recording expertise and solutions, as well as our easy-to-use product comparison chart.

8000 & 9000 Series Feature Set

Optimized for the Telemetry and SIGINT markets, these recorders provide exceptionable bandwidth and scalability while maintaining strict compliance
with the IRIG-106 Chapter 10 standard.

The following summarizes some of the capabilities and salient features of our DRS8000 Series & DRS9300X products.

8000 Series Interface Module Options

The DRS8000 Series is offered in four different base units to optimize your mission. This flexible series of disk-based recorders can be configured with a wide variety of interfaces and control options tailored to meet any recording requirement. Let us know if your system needs an new option.

DIS End-to-End (E2E) Corporate Overview

This one-pager provides an overview of all 5 of  the DIS companies and shows how they all work together to provide an E2E solution to meet all your missions needs.

Technical Papers & Presentations:

Nyquist & Intermediate Frequency Recording:

A Discussion of Wideband Systems Implementation and Comparison of Under- and Over-sampling Techniques

Over the last fifty years, we have undergone incredible changes in the data recording arena. From post-detection, post-decision recording with reel to reel magnetic tape, to using the ubiquitous Chapter-10 digital recorders with many gigabits of bandwidth to record pre-detected data. This paper examines this latest technology implementation … using the Nyquist-Shannon’s Theorem to under-sample high-frequency data and compare the results.


Advanced Recording Expertise and Solutions

We provide education and training courses for Advanced Recording Solutions. Training includes configuration, operation and maintenance for Wideband Recording products. Courses can be custom tailored to meet specific requirements and are offered at the Maryland office, sister company offices, or the client’s location of choice*.

Sampling of our course selection:

  • Wideband Recorder Product Training Led by Gary Marker (WSI Applications)

*Course location depends on travel distance and size of the group.*