Wideband Systems Announces Next-Gen RF Recorders

Wideband Systems has announced their latest advancement in RF recorders, set to be available in late 2023 as an upgrade for the DRS9300X. These next-generation interface boards offer 2-channel recorders that support RF signals dynamically tunable to the P/L/S/C Band spectrum with a variable bandwidth of up to 200MHz. This means that users can capture multiple transmitters or even an entire band, depending on their needs.

The upgraded interface boards are native IRIG 106 Chapter 10/11 compliant, allowing for data to be recorded at rates up to 10Gbps and faithfully reconstructed for playback using 16-bit A/D and D/A converters with up to 80dB of Automatic Gain Control.

As a global leader in ground-based advanced signal recording systems, Wideband Systems provides flexible interfaces for direct IF and RF recording, pre-detect analog, post-detect digital PCM, as well as video, Ethernet, serial, and 1553 recording. Our recorders employ the latest technology, including unmatched performance ranging from 1600Mbps to 10Gbps, simultaneous record and export, CH10 Publish capability, Simultaneous Playback and Publish, Cued Trigger Playback, Dual RAID configuration (User-configured for Mirrored or Striped Mode), Direct Record to any external attached target drive, Remote Control via GigE post, and many other advanced field-requested features.

With a strong commitment to our customers, Wideband Systems provides unmatched technical support and an industry-leading two-year warranty. Additionally, all our recorders include lifetime no-cost software and firmware upgrades and technical support.

This new advancement in RF recorders from Wideband Systems offers users a dynamically tunable spectrum, providing greater flexibility and enabling them to capture more data. With our unbeatable customer support and industry-leading features, Wideband Systems is the go-to choice for advanced signal recording needs.

WSI Next-Gen DRS9300X-MB Recorder