WSI Advanced Signal Recording Systems Selected by The Navy

Wideband Model DRS8500X Recorder(Silver Spring, MD – November 2022) After years of research and evaluating numerous TM recorders the NAVY has chosen Wideband DRS8500X Recorders for a major system upgrade, replacing several other previous generation recorders.

Wideband Systems, Inc., is the global leader in ground based advanced signal recording systems. WSI recorders are deployed on every major US range as well as abroad. Our Wideband systems provide flexible interfaces (direct IF and RF recording, pre-detect analog, post-detect digital PCM, as well as Video, Ethernet, Serial, and 1553 recording, …). WSI recorders employ the latest technology, including un-matched performance (1600Mb/sec to 9600+Mb/sec), simultaneous record, export (same mission or any other mission), CH10 Publish capability, Simultaneous Playback and Publish, Cued Trigger Playback, Dual RAID configuration (User configured for Mirrored or Striped Mode), Direct Record to any external attached target drive, Remote Control via GigE post and many other advanced field-requested features.

With strong commitment to our customers, WSI provides unmatched technical support and industry-leading two-year warranties. Additionally, all WSI recorders include lifetime no-cost software and firmware updates and technical support.

Wideband Systems joined the Delta Information Systems (DIS) family in 2021. The combination of the companies has allowed DIS to provide state of the end-to-end Telemetry systems. The relationship affords WSI a wealth of technical support and resources, thus allowing us to offer new superior features, and bring new products to market in short order.