Wideband Systems designs and manufactures sophisticated recording instruments for the aerospace, communications, and intelligence marketplace.

We specialize in custom designed recording systems as well as provide standard, off-the-shelf recording products satisfying a wide range of demanding requirements.

Wideband Systems is focused on being the quality supplier of high-performance, real-time recording systems. Our versatile disk-based Digital Recording Systems are designed with analog and digital instrumentation interfaces and flexible control features. Typical applications for our configurable, wide-bandwidth recorders/reproducers (optimized real-time RAID systems) include:

One of our biggest markets is Aerospace Telemetry, transmitting information from air and space vehicles to accessible locations.

  • Analog Pre-detect
  • Digital PCM, Video
  • Ethernet, Serial, 1553
  • IRIG 106 Chapter 10
  • Solid-State Recorders
  • Airborne & Ground
  • 14-Track Analog Recorder Replacement

Communications Tests & Evaluation is another common application for our records.

  • Telecom (SDH & PDH)
  • Voice & Data
  • GPS Full Spectrum
  • Imagery
  • High-speed cameras
  • Common Data Link (CDL)
  • Fiber Optics

One of our largest markets is Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR)  & Electronic Warfare (EW)

  • Direct IF Recording
  • 400MSPS Single Channel
  • Multi-channel
  • Digital Filtering

With a commitment to customer satisfaction and technical excellence, Wideband Systems delivers advanced technology solutions on-time and on-budget. Our technical staff are experts in disk-based recording technology (before RAID…) and have developed highly optimized and reliable techniques for mission-critical, high-speed recording.

Wideband, your answer for advanced recording solutions.

Delta Information Systems

Wideband is a subsidiary of Delta Information Systems.

Delta Information Systems is a fast-growing, strategic collection of companies. We design & manufacture cutting-edge, E2E Flight Test & Telemetry systems including data acquisition, recording, video compression, conversion, distribution, processing, and display solutions for commercial and military verticals.

The Delta Family of Companies also includes GDP Space Systems, Acroamatics Telemetry Systems, Delta Digital Video, and Ampex Data Systems.