DRS9300X Recorder

Wideband Model DRS9300X Recorder

Model DRS9300X

The DRS9300X Recorder is designed to record two RF signals (typically right hand polarization and left hand polarization) directly from the multi-coupler (between the antenna and receiver). The recorder provides up to 200MHz of signal BW for each channel (signals sampled at 500MSPS). The DRS9300X employs a modular design such that the recorder can be user-configured for different RF bands by swapping in/out the appropriate RF Board Sets (interface boards). Currently we have an S Band, two L Band board sets and, three C Band board sets. Support for other bands are always considered upon request.

One of the key reasons for using the 9300X RF recorder is to capture an entire band (P, L, C or  S). In the S band case that’s 200 MHz; in the L band case it’s 100MHz. Typically, there are multiple transmitters in the band so this is a great way to capture everything transmitted on the range during missions.