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The Digital Recording System - DRS2100E  is an advanced digital recording instrument (optimized real-time RAID system) that can record and playback at sustained rates of 240+ Mbits per second.  This flexible series of disk-based recorders can be ordered with a variety of interfaces and control options to meet most any requirement.  Custom configurations are available.

Key Features

Sustained 240+ Mbits per second record and playback
Configurable performance: record rate and record length; redundancy or double rate
Various interfaces: plug-in cards for LVDS, PECL, ECL, TTL, Serial FPDP, Telecom (PDH & SDH), PCM, 1553, Analog, Video, RS232, Ethernet, and custom interfaces
3U Rackmount; Removable Disk Drives
Local & remote control (opt. Ethernet)


Real-time signal recording (telemetry, RADAR, SONAR, communications, imagery, SIGINT, COMINT, ELINT, Video, high-speed cameras, Common Data Link, Fiber Optics, 14-track analog recorder replacement, ...)
Real-time signal playback
Signal analysis instrument

DRS2100E Front View

DRS2100E Block diagram

The Digital Recording System - DRS2100E is a flexible RAID recording system employing high reliability hard drives and uniquely optimized controller electronics. The product series offers configurable performance to support a wide range of customer requirements.

The mirrored configuration of the DRS2100E supports continuous recording of data at 30+ Mbytes/sec for 40 minutes (72GB disks).  Reducing the data rate extends the record time by a proportional amount.  Longer recording time can be provided by configuring the unit with larger disks (144GB or 300GB).

The recorder has two removable disk drives which can be user-configured for redundancy (mirroring) or for double data rate (striping).  The removable media facilitates the secure handling of the recorded data and enables back-to-back mission support.  The DRS2100E not only satisfies field and laboratory recording requirements but also can provide significant support for the analysis of signals during playback.

The DRS2100E supports the off-loading of data to external tape drives (archive and restore) and supports the direct transfer of data to/from a PC workstation.  The recorder is controlled by a user-friendly front panel interface and remotely by an RS232 interface.  Network control is optionally provided.

A companion product to the DRS2100E is the DAS3000 which allows for the permanent archiving of data to an array of high-performance tape drives. The DRS2100E controls the archive and restore process.

Download a current datasheet.

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